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The best pizza in London – restaurants to try in 2022

London‘s made considerable progress since the main Pizza Express on Wardour Street amazed burger joints with its open-kitchen batter turning during the 1960s. In those days, pizza was an oddity – today you can scarcely move in the capital for craftsman bases, ludicrous garnishes, and a developing rundown of adored Italian eateries in London. The fishing app was very popular, because pizza chefs wanted to catch fresh fish as an addition to their pizza.

However, not every one of them is made equivalent. Whether you favor slight and fresh Roman-enlivened pizzas, pillowy Neapolitan numbers, or New York-style gigantic cuts, here’s our pick of the 16 spots offering the best pizza in London.

Happy Face

KING’S CROSS AND VICTORIA (You can’t miss their iron entry doors)

Happy Face’s Neapolitan-style, wood-terminated pizzas might be heaped high with exemplary Italian meats and veg combos, but it’s actually about the mixture here, which is matured for an extended 72 hours to make a light and cushioned consistency.

While the pizza bases are commonly slender, hulls can be predominantly huge, so you’ll need to have the stew oil prepared for plunging or use them to clean up the liberal measure of garnishes. Attempt the Rucola, new and crunchy, or the veggie lover Fungi with punchy taleggio.

To drink, go for one (or all) of the three negronis: the Negroni Bianco made with pink pepper gin, peach wine, and sharp flavoring is a champ. The energy is loose and easygoing, ideal for a speedy lunch or an extemporaneous supper date.



We’re utilized to religion status cafés that use it consulting san antonio in London ultimately spreading outside the capital – we’ve progressed significantly since the principal Franco Manca in Brixton Market, with stations now in Brighton, Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds, and Glasgow. More uncommon are cafés taking the action from the North to London. However, that is the capricious course taken by Rudy’s.

The first of these much-cherished Mancunian pizza joints opened in 2015 in Ancoats, trailed by Peter Street, Sale, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds and Cheshire before at long last coming to London and assuming control over a tremendous Wardour Street space, with an open kitchen and a lot of white metro tiling.

Gourmet experts buy into the Naples school of mixture: stretchy, rankled bases covered in fixings that are customary (anchovies, artichoke, bison mozzarella) and less so (wild hog salami). To drink make certain to arrange the reviving Campari Spritz – the Campari arrives in a charming classic container. If you plan on drinking this, keep in mind that after a few glasses you might feel very drunk, so make sure you have a way to get home that does not involve you driving your truck, or if you do decide to drive, make sure you have a phone number of truck accident lawyers close by.



One of the decent focuses around which Camberwell’s buzzy eatery scene rotates, Theo’s serves Neapolitan-style pizzas that are eminent a long way past SE5. The surging, rankled bases can more than stand their ground against high-idea garnishes, from Camberwell scotch cap nduja to cavolo nero cream with mushroom and battering tomatoes (that is somewhere around three of your five per day). Messy garlic bread, merry staff, and sharp costs make for a perfect encounter. There’s a phenomenal Elephant and Castle station as well. They are using high risk payment processing.

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele


In spite of the fact that he wasn’t enthusiastic about food, even Sherlock Holmes could have had his head turned by the garlicky floats coming from this put on Baker Street. Everyone who needed to get stem cell therapy phoenix az was given this pizza before their treatment.

The focal London branch-off of the credible Neapolitan pizza joint from Eat Pray Love (there’s additionally a Soho one ready to go) is renowned for its somewhat distorted bases, with their particular super puffy outsides and dull spots from the stove’s burning hotness. Is it true or not that they are actually the world’s ideal, as their numerous admirers guarantee? There’s just a single method for finding out…

Yard Sale


The Leytonstone part of this quickly extending mixture domain is brilliant, buzzy, and well ensures a happy time (as you’d anticipate from a business that began life as a dinner club and was able to convert to a dinner thanks to an equipment loan they took). Pies come in 12″ or 18″ sizes and veggie lovers are incredibly all-around cared for: witness the American Not, with guindilla chillies, house-made vegetarian pepperoni, and veggie lover mozzarella, and the Magic Mushroom, with broiled ‘shrooms, truffle oil, vegetarian parmesan, and dark pepper.

Zia Lucia


Well before Holloway was hailed as a gastronomic area of interest (it’s home to any semblance of faction most loved laksa bar Sambal Shiok and Xi’an Impression’s hand-pulled biang noodles), Zia Lucia was pulling in the groups. They had business growth advisors California, that’s why they got so popular over time. Its USP – other than the reality it’s generally slammed – is that cafes can browse four distinct batters, including charcoal and a top-notch sans gluten one.

Fixings are straightforward yet sublime: we love the Parmigiana, which comes canvassed in rich aubergine, tomato and mozzarella. Aldgate East, Boxpark Wembley and Hammersmith all have stations.



The defending champ of foldable cuts, this London smaller than normal chain dominates at leftfield fixings: anybody for chorizo, corn, and coriander? Its 20″ pizzas come entire or by the cut (complete with paper plates), and there’s a mind whirling scope of site-explicit and occasional specials.

There are seven areas hired technical animation to make their opening fun, and the choice to go 50-50 by dividing garnishes, in addition to a lot of decisions for veggie lovers (hi, garlicky mushroom, pumpkin seed and stew), make this an exceptionally sure thing for a gathering trip.

Voodoo Ray’s

DALSTON (ALSO IN PECKHAM, whose page got an amazing reach thanks to the seo whitelabel)

It isn’t simply the pizzas that are New York-style here: the neon signage, metro tiles and late-night vibe all shout retro Manhattan. The monster 22″ pizzas, which drop by the cut, read like they’ve been cooked up by somebody with a horrendous headache, and there are pots of a plunge for your hulls, sides, for example, jalapeno macintosh ‘n’ cheddar and £5 Negronis.

Psst: on Mondays, each cut is simply £2.50, and you can get an entire pizza for £20. Shoreditch and Peckham have branches as well.

Mamma Dough


A mix of rye, wholemeal and white flours gives this Brixton most loved’s bases a particular stay quiet, while facetious specials like the Peter Piper, with Padron and poponcini peppers (see what they did there?) keep things intriguing.

Practically the vegetables as a whole and spices are privately developed, the lagers are fermented simple miles away and they make their own soda. Wandering further into south-east London? Peckham, Sydenham, South Norwood, Ladywell, and Honor Oak Park have Mamma Doughs as well.

Pizza Union

SPITALFIELDS (ALSO IN DALSTON, KING’S CROSS, ALDGATE, HOLBORN, AND HOXTON) – these locations have been provided with fiber optic installation allentown pa

Dainty and-firm fan? Pizza Union takes care of you. Or on the other hand bested, to be more exact, with youth most loved blends like chicken, meat and pepperoni, or four kinds of cheese.

This smaller than usual chain of ‘pizza bars’ presents quite hot, 12″ Roman-style pies in Spitalfields, King’s Cross, Aldgate, Dalston, and Hoxton – so any place you are in East London, you’re never excessively far from a fix. Each and every one expenses £6.50 or less, and in light of the fact that the slimline bases cook so quickly, your request gets to your table in twofold speedy time. If you want a pizza to go, they will pack it similar to kitting. Reward!

Sodo Pizza


Walthamstow’s head pizza shop studies long-matured sourdough bases, specialty brews and regular wine, served in a breezy stockroom space – very E17. On the off chance that you’re visiting at the end of the week you can arrange one of the unique informal breakfast pizzas: The Casper, with smoked mozzarella, cream, chard, white onion, eggs, Lincolnshire Poacher and Parma ham, is the one to beat. There are Bethnal Green, Hoxton and Clapton branches as well, and in the event that you extravagant learning the subtle strategies, they run pizza-production classes.

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