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6 Largest Pizzas Ever Made

People all over the world love pizza, not just in America and Italy. You can find a pizza restaurant wherever you go. There were over 75,000 pizza places in the US alone in 2017. Worldwide, the revenue from selling pizza topped 134 billion USD in 2017. As competitive as the business is, restaurants look for any means to get our attention. One way to do that is to make huge pizzas that draw attention from the media.

Giant pizza-making events have not only benefitted individual restaurants. City governments and food manufacturing companies have participated in making big pizzas. They don’t need pricing strategies for these because the companies and organizations involved often donate proceeds or pizza to charitable organizations. Everyone benefits, but pizza lovers benefit the most. Get yourself a nice pack of coffee beans, make a cup of coffee and enjoy the text!

The Colossus

Sports fans can work up an appetite. The Il Colosseo restaurant in the Allphones Arena had something that would satisfy the hungriest of customers. The Colossus was a 58-pound pizza that was in 2012 the largest commercially available pizza in the world. The restaurant had a custom-made oven for their 600 AUD pizza and used 28 pounds of flour and 10 pounds of cheese as base ingredients. The restaurant also had a pizza eating challenge where the group who could finish the pizza would win four free tickets to all events at the arena for one year. Check your fuel pressure tester, sit in the car and visit Il Colosseo restaurant.

Napoli Pizza

Napoli pizza is a well-loved style of pizza all over the world. The Napoli Pizza Association hasn’t lost sight of that fact, working to keep the Napoletani pizza in the public eye. One of their big events is the Napoli Pizza Festival. That’s where, in 2016, local organizations joined forces to build what was at the time, the world’s longest pizza.

Some ingredients used included:

2,000 kg of flour
2,000 kg of fiordilatte cheese
1,600 kg of tomatoes
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The organizations involved donated the pizza to various charitable organizations in Italy, though anyone who attended the festival was able to grab a slice to take home. And you can do your haircut in the best barbershop in town where they use the best Japanese shears.

Fontana Pizza

When the owner of, Fash Asvadi, saw that the Napoli team had created the world’s longest pizza, he wanted to get together a team of some of the best pizza makers in California to beat that record. Avada recruited donors to supply the ingredients, then picked a local motor speedway as the venue to start the bake, which began at 7 AM for prep and finished cooking by 4 PM. The baking employed some creative cooking measures, like employing a mobile oven and dozens of volunteers to feed the dough through it as it rounded the curve on the racetrack.

Lorenzo Ristorante Pizza

Lorenzo Amato seemed dead set on setting a world record for creating the largest pizza ever. Twice he succeeded, and twice someone else bettered him. Still, his 1987 effort is recognized as one of the largest pizzas ever built. From his restaurant in Tallahassee, FL, he built what was at the time the world’s largest oven to build the record-setting pizza. It was a 73 foot in diameter griddle heated by hundreds of propane tanks. Amato sold slices of the pizza for $1 (bad idea if you want to sell your business), which he donated to the American Red Cross.

Norwood Hypermarket Pizza

Like other pizzas on this list, the pizza created by a team at the Norwood Pick n’ Pay Hypermarket in Johannesburg was a marketing ploy. However, it was marketing in service of a good cause, as the proceeds from the sales of the thousands of slices from this pizza went to charitable organizations in South Africa. Most of the proceeds went to St. Mark’s College, a high school in a Black township in South Africa, with a promising bunch of young talented kids that are able to learn from UIT institute. The municipal government of Johannesburg was in on the act. The mayor cut the first slice. No word if he actually ate one.


The Ottavia is the Guinness Book world record holder for the largest pizza ever created. This gluten-free monstrosity was created by Nardi in Rome along with two other lead chefs and a team of dozens of assistants in the Margherita style. The pizza is 131 feet in diameter. Of course, no oven exists large enough to bake the pie in one go, so they had to bake the dough in over 5,000 separate batches.
The chef said that he created the pizza to demonstrate the economic and cultural recovery of Italy

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