PRESTO PIZZERIA was proudly founded in Tamworth on the 12th July 2007.
Our new menu offers you even better value, more choice and our unique “Signature Range” that you won’t find anywhere else. It is an expression of our passion that, simple, well prepared food can be GREAT FOOD!

All Large Pizza’s are available on a Gluten Free Base ($2 Surcharge)

All Pizza’s can requested in a Very Healthy PIZZA option. Just substitute Mozzarella with a little Parmesan 30%, or go for 10% Cheese.


Call: 6762 7277

Open Tuesday - Sunday from 5 p.m.

Super Value
Roma Tomato, Fresh Basil, Parmesan, Extra Mozzarella Cheese on a Presto Tomato Sauce Base
  The BAC ......... a favourite!
Poached Chicken Fillet, Roasted Capsicum, Span
Fine Ribbon Ham, Stretched Curd Mozzarella Cheese
Sundried Tomatoes, Baby Spinach, Double Smoked Bacon, Creamy Fetta, Mozzarella and Oregano
Fine Ribbon Ham, Heaps of Sweet Pineapple, Mozzarella Cheese and Oregano
Field Mushrooms, Baby Spinach, Roasted Red Capsicum, Sautéed Zucchini, Vine Tomato, Roasted Sweet Potato, Crushed Garlic, Fresh Basil and Mozzarella
Fine Ribbon Ham, Field Mushrooms, Mozzarella and Oregano
  Tuscan Chicken
Poached Chicken Fillets, Baby Spinach, Sweet Potato, Spanish Onion and Sesame Seeds
BBQ Bacon
Double Smoked Bacon, Sweet Spanish Onion, smothered in Full Stretched Curd Mozzarella on a Smoky BBQ base
  Spring Chicken
Chicken Fillets, Baby Spinach, Shallots, Roma Tomato and Creamy Fetta on Garlic Aioli
Double Smoked Bacon, Red On
  Presto Special
Fine Ribbon Ham, Cold Smoked Pepperoni, Field Mushrooms, Artichoke, Capsicum, Spanish Onion and Kalamata Olives
Aussie Vegetarian
Field Mushrooms, Spanish Onion, Crisp Capsicum, Sweet Pineapple
  BBQ Chicken Supreme
Sundried Tomato, Mushrooms, Poached Chicken Fillets and Spanish Onion on a BBQ Base
Ribbon Ham, Double Smoked Bacon, Local Farm Eggs with Tomato Sauce Swirl
  Garlic Prawn Supreme
Garlic Aioli Base with Baby Spinach, Sweet Capsicum, Spanish Onion and Prawns, King Prawns and Cracked Pepper and Lemon Rubbed Sea Salt, Served with fresh Lemon.
Fine Ribbon Ham, Field Mushrooms, Spanish Onion, Sweet Red Capsicum
  Brando (Prime Beef)
Slow Roasted Beef Fillet, Roasted Potato, Premium Beef Mince, Caramelized Onion, Baked Capsicum, Oven Roasted Tomato topped with an Orange Dijon Mustard …. YUM!
Mexicana *WARNING! HOT!
Cold Smoked Pepperoni, Chilli Flakes, Capsicum, Spanish Onion and Jalapeno Chilli
Fine Ribbon Ham, Chorizo Sausage, Pepperoni, Field Mushroom, Baby Spinach, Capsicum, Spanish Onion, Pineapple and Kalamata Olives
New York Pepperoni
Extra Presto Tomato Sauce, TONS of Smoked Pepperoni, Extra Mozzarella
  Beef “N” Reef
Prime Beef fillet, Sautéed Zucchini, Roasted Spring Potato, Prawns and King Prawns on a Garlic Aioli Base with Fresh lemon Wedges
Presto Capriciossa
Cold Smoked Pepperoni, Field Mushrooms, Spanish Onion, Sweet Capsicum, Kalamata Olives
  De Niro
Premium Beef Mince, Cold Smoked Pepperoni, Baby Spinach, Spanish Onion and King Prawns
Desserts & sweet pizzas
  The Polly
Sundried Tomato, Calamari, Spanish Onion and King Prawns, served with Fresh Lemon Wedge
Sweet Pizzas Feed 3 to 4 People Easily at the end of the meal, ENJOY! On rotation on menu, usually 2 out of 3 available, seasonal.   Four Seasons
Ribbon Ham, Field Mushrooms, Capsicum, Garlic and lots of King Prawns
The Presto Chocolate Brownie $13.90
Chocolate Hazelnut Paste, Toasted Organic Almonds, Real Belgium Chocolate Sauce,
Fine Ham, Chorizo Sausage, Cold Smoked Pepperoni, Lean Beef Mince, Double Smoked Bacon, on a BBQ base, topped with BBQ sauce Mozzarella
Belgian Chocolate Mousse - made here from scratch! $5.50
Served with Chocolate Ganache (frosting) and Fresh Strawberries.